Confessions of a Political Animal

About the Animal

The Political Animal is, sadly, far more human and far less adorable than the good looking girl on the masthead (the name’s Ginger, by the way).

I’ve been involved in politics since leaving university, working at Westminster, the Greater London Authority, for Southwark Council and now for 2 MPs who are going to remain nameless. I don’t think for one moment that this gives me any kind of special insight or a right to lecture anyone on how politics is, was or could be conducted. But I have had the privilige to see the business of government conducted in the raw: sometimes its a beautiful sight, sometimes ugly; often depressing in its mundanity, occasionally uplifting in its noble purpose. You get the idea.

And, yes, the Political Animal wouldn’t be a Political Animal if they didn’t support a party. I do. In fact I have the membership card to prove it. Like politics in general, I regularly hate my party. Often its lack of ambition and drive causes me great pain. But at the end of the day, it is The Animal’s party and whilst he’ll cry if he wants to, he’s sticking with it.


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