Confessions of a Political Animal

November 4, 2008

Nothing. Nada. Nowt. Rien de rien.


Twenty working days ago The Animal sent City Hall the Freedom of Information request below:

Please could you provide me with copies of any legal advice received by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson or Deputy Mayor for Policing Kit Malthouse from either GLA family sources or external sources regarding the process for i) the appointment of and ii) the termination of the contract of the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police during
a) the period from 3rd May 2008 until the Mayor and Deputy Mayor’s meeting with Sir Ian Blair on 2nd October 2008.
b) the period from the conclusion of the above meeting until the date of this request.

Bang on the deadline for a response, I received the following comprehensive statement from the Private Secretary to the Mayor:

The Mayor did not receive any such legal advice in this period.

Well-informed policy making? Ensuring that politicians fully understand the consequences of their actions before they take them? A respect for due process and constitutional safeguards? Not in this administration. Perhaps a slightly more considered approach would have spared Johnson the threatened Committee on Standards in Public Life inquiry into the conduct of the Ian Blair affair…

October 20, 2008

And they say there’s no need for feminism any more…

London Lite 20/10/08

In case you can’t read it due to the appalling quality of this scan, the question that London Lite (the Evening Standard’s freesheet) asked its readers is: ‘Would a woman chief be good for the Met?’.

OK, I know its a voodoo poll based on a self-selecting sample, but the result is more than a little shocking.

And tomorrow’s question: ‘Is it time for a cap on migration?’ Remind me not to read the results of that for the sake of my blood pressure.

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