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September 4, 2008

The start of slash and burn?

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Not content with pushing up bus and tube fares to fill an entirely self-inflicted budgetary black hole, it now appears that Boris Johnson has, in a throw-away remark to the London Assembly Budget Committee, announced that no more money will be spent on developing the Cross-River Tram, which would have linked Kings Cross and Camden with Peckham and Brixton. The Tram is vital for the regeneration of some of the capital’s most deprived areas, relieving pressure on the over-crowded Northern Line and speeding up journeys to parts of London served solely by buses. The tram received over-whelming support last year in one of Boris’ beloved consultations.

Whilst funding had not yet been agreed for the project, with the Mayor taking his foot off the accelerator, there will be absolutely no chance of HM Treasury stumping up cash in the next decade.

Another good bit of news for public transport users from a Mayor who has decided they should pay up to subsidise Chelsea Tractor drivers, Porsche and the poverty-stricken burghers of Kensington. At least our old friend Brian Coleman, an arch-opponent of the tram, will be pleased.

By the way, a petition to Boris on this very issue can be signed here.



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